Message from the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Association of Survivors of the Sumpul Massacre and Other Chalatenango Massacres pay homage to all our compañeros (comrades), male and female, fallen during the war in our region and in other parts of the country and to all the innocent victims whose blood was shed for a country of justice, peace, and freedom. We acknowledge that everything we have accomplished so far is the fruit of their sacrifice.

As an association of survivors, we acknowledge all the victims and survivors who are scattered around the world, and all who keep in their hearts the memory of their cruelly murdered loved ones.

We want to express our gratitude, admiration, and solidarity with brothers and sisters at the national and international level who walk along with us and support our struggle to realize our objectives and goals.

Our goals are clear and precise. We want to vindicate the honor of our victims so that truth, justice, and moral and material restitution prevail as the only path to a truthful reconciliation. We seek psychosocial support to process the trauma we have gone through. We want to keep alive our historical memory through the celebration of commemoration gatherings, the creation of books and audiovisual materials, and the documentation of the experiences of all the massacre victims in the department (province) of Chalatenango.

All our goals have a common end: that the present and future generations will know the truth about these events so that they do NOT happen AGAIN and we can finally solidify the foundations for true peace and justice.

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